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Laxson GPS - Fleets, Assets and Workforce GeoManagement. USA | CANADA

Security and monitoring solutions for Employees, Equipment and Vehicles.

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Workforce Safety


Equipment Monitoring


Asset Vehicle tracking


Boat and Recreational


Nothing is more important that securing your most valuable asset: your employees.

Our wearables enable the managers / dispatchers to locate in real-time, communicate live and react when it is needed!


When an equipment is not supposed to move, and it does, you want to know!

Receive an immediate notification on your smartphone, tablet or computer! Our stand-alone trackers come with magnets and can even be screwed or glued!


Your equipment is left unattended in a yard, a field on the side of the road?

We have a solution for you! Draw your own geofences around your asset and be alerted if someone leaves with it! Also perfect to manage a fleet of vehicles and light trucks.


You are in the rental business and want to keep and eye on your boats, VTT’s and motorcycles?

We have the perfect solution for you where you can even see all your units on one single screen!

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Laxson Iot Provider

IoT Service Provider – IoT & M2M Data Plans & SIM Cards

  Io M2M SIM Cards Laxson Iot   Smart Logistics Laxson Iot   Smart Warehouse Laxson Iot   Construction Site monitoring Laxson Iot  

IoT M2M SIM Cards


Smart Logistics


Smart Warehouse


Construction Site monitoring


You are monitoring a construction sites, an outfitter or a school campus and have standalone cameras?

Watch everything remotely with our unique solutions, including SIM cards with national coverage.


The logistics of your business do not start and end only in your building.

Track the movement of your products inside and out, around the city, across the country and around the globe with our cutting-edge technologies.


Granting a location and a position to a product in a warehouse is a basic feature.

Receiving an automatic notification when it is moving in the building and follow its track even better!


See and monitor everything on your construction site. Devices for your staff, trackers on your vehicles, locators on your equipment, as well as sensors on your tool containers and your mobile office trailer. The best of Laxson GPS technologies coupled with our new innovation MESH *.

Know everything that happens 24/7 with only one tool, your mobile phone.

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Laxson Logistics

Genuine expertise that encompasses security, productivity and compliance.

  Logistics Applications Laxson GPS   ELD and DVIR for small fleets Laxson GPS   Warehouse Management Laxson GPS   Security C-TPAT Consulting Laxson GPS  

Logistics Apps


ELD and DVIR for small fleets


Advanced Warehouse Management


C-TPAT / PIP Consultation


In addition to its many features like location, tracks, history, reports, and real-time notifications, our LaxsonGPSPro ™ web portal is offering many more apps for your staff's smartphones and tablets on the road:

Logistics: A dispatch interface perfect for deliveries and / or calls for small delivery fleets or for your team of technicians on the road.

Driving logbook: A simple app that facilitates the life of your representatives on the road by automatically maintaining their mileage and travel. No more worries with the government! The representative only indicates whether this trip was for business or personal, or whether it is a home trip to the office or vice versa.


You have a small fleet and need to comply with the new ELD rules (Electronic Log Device)?

Our Tracking System and ELD application allows your drivers to comply with the FMSCA Rules for Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).


Don’t want to upfront thousands of dollars for a Warehouse management System (WMS)?

Solex iS™ is the solution! No upfront cost, pay per month and start controlling your business! Cargo reception, organized locations, online orders by customers, real-time pick and pack, shipping preparation, transportation fees by carrier, shipments tracking, etc. The Fortune 500 Application for SME’S!


For the past 15 years we have been supporting importers and exporter complying with supply chain security norms.

Bring your company to the next level as a Trusted Trader by implementing C-TPAT controls and procedures throughout your logistic chain. In Mutual recognition with over 40 countries.

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