Employee & Lone Worker Safety

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Lone Workers Protection solutions (LWPS)

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, delivery, oil, gas & chemicals, warehouse, technicians, public works, utilities, ports, airports, law enforcement, roofing, sports complex, retail, real estate, traveling executives, etc. 


Our solutions will enable your company to comply with Occupational Safety Regulations (OSHA) regulation. 

As well as; 

  • Decreasing employees insurance costs. 
  • Higher awareness of risks that lone workers can face. 
  • Helping to protect managers and supervisors form personal liability.


Small black personal safety device with big yellow SOS button


A personal device for the security of the workforce. The  G-401™ is perfect for ensuring the safety of lone worker, or workers in high risk situation. It features two-way voice communication, Man Down feature & GPS for location tracking. 

Our  G-401™  comes with a charging cradle and a waist pouch or lanyard for ease of use. With its IP67 housing, it ensures the safety of your most important assets; your employees.


Main features: 

  • SOS button, 2-way voice communication, 
  • Man down alert, 
  • Location tracking
  • Water resistant IP67
  • Charger base
  • Led Screen for % Battery display
  • 3G / 4G CAT-M  Communication

Deviceless Solution

Mobile phone showing Globii features, send photo, send position, send SOS


Turn your existing mobile phone into a worker safety device.  No other equipment to acquire. Using a provided GLOBII® license, it will be deployed in minutes, enabling the powerful features and will be connected in real time on the LAXPRO™ web portal, allowing managers to view, act and react quickly to any situation that may occur.

Main features:  A deviceless solution

  • SOS Notification
  • Send position (checkpoints)
  • Read QR code
  • Chat feature

Workforce Watch Solution

Watch device showing feature faces with safety sign


Main features:  Easy Wearable Watch Solution


  • SOS Button 
  • 2 Way Voice Communication
  • Fall Detection 
  • Geographic zone Entry and Exit Alert
  • Regular Check-In for  Lone Worker
  • Watch Removal Alert
  • Tracking & Monitoring


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One single platform, total workforce visibility

LaXpro web management software integrates multiple types of Wearable devices on one single platform. This enables the managers, the guards or the supervisors to easily view, track and receive notifications for quick actions when every second counts.

Whether you are looking for a simple or a full and complete management portal, our modular platform will allow only the features your require for your operation and adapts  your access based on your business needs.

- Web Access via PC, MAC

- Mobile APP:  iOS and Android

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