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Employee Safety


Employee Safety

Applications: Securing Lone workers, workers in risky environment, workers in confined space.

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, delivery, oil, gas & chemicals, warehouse, technicians, public works, utilities, ports, airports, law enforcement, roofing, retail, real estate, travelling executives, etc. 

Devices:  Wireless communication devices, GPS personal Trackers, Smart watches or Deviceless Personal Communication and GPS Tracking solutions.  

Main features: Personal protective equipment, Location, SOS button, 2-way voice communication, Man down alert, Chat to dispatch, battery level, geofencing, speed. 




High performance personal device for the security of the workforce. The  G-ONE™ is perfect for ensuring the safety of lone worker, or workers in high risk situation. It features two-way voice communication, Man Down feature, GPS for location tracking. 

Our  G-ONE™  comes with a charging cradle and a waist pouch or lanyard for ease of use. With its IPX6 housing, it ensures the safety of your most important assets, your employees.


Main features: 

SOS button, 2-way voice clear communication, 

  • Man down alert, 
  • Location tracking
  • Water resistant IPX6
  • Charger base
  • North American Network bands
  • 3G / GPS / Wifi  Communication

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Deviceless solution



The GLOBII® app can be Installed directly on company provided smartphones or tablets, then it transforms your device into a security, communication and tracking tool.

With an active licence unit ID provided by LaxsonGPS, this will enable your account. No other equipment to acquire. Deployed in minutes, GLOBII® can be used immediately. The information is relayed in real time on the LAXPRO™ web portal, allowing managers to view, act and react quickly to any situation that may occur.

Main features:  A deviceless solution

  • SOS Notification
  • Send position
  • Read QR code
  • Chat feature

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