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Lone Worker Safety

Picture of a roofer working alone

Lone Workers Protection solutions (OSHA)

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, warehousing, utilities, international workers, deliveries, technicians, public works, security guards, sales representatives, ports, airports and more. 


Our solutions will support your EHS program and enable your company to comply with Occupational Safety & Health Regulations (OSHA) regulation. 

Preventive actions to; 

  • Locate, follow-up and act quickly when required
  • 2 way voice live conversations
  • Immediate alerts by email or on the App

Collateral advantages:

  • Decrease workers insurance costs. 
  • Highten awareness of risks that lone workers can face. 
  • Helping to protect managers and supervisors form personal liabilities.

International control & monitoring

Picture of a doctor / nurse wearing protection mask

Humanitarian Aid, Missions & International Workers Safety

Improve response time & lower the risks. Keep Humanitarian Aid, Missions & International Workers safe with Laxson GPS's reliable GPS tracking & monitoring products.

With Laxson GPS, NGOs & agencies can now deploy their International & Humanitarian workers with peace of mind, knowing they will be able to track & monitor the location of their workers in real-time & maintain communication, even under remote or covert operations. 

With reliable GPS & geofencing features, built-in SOS buttons, and customizable alerts, NGOs can improve their emergency response and covert communication with workers by being the first to know if a safety warning or alert has been triggered.


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