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Applications: Vehicle GPS tracking system for securing car, vans, SUV’s, cube vans, highway trucks.

Sectors: Deliveries, technicians, sales reps, transportation, construction, public works, utilities, ports, airports, etc. 

Device types: GPS tracking devices such as Hard-Wired and/or OBD Plug & Play units.

Main features: Fleet management solutions with features such as;  Location, geofencing, tracks, speed, history, maintenance, reports.  

laxpro™ WEB & MOBILE

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One single platform, total control

LaXpro ™  web fleet management solutions integrates multiple types of devices on one single platform. This enables the managers, the guards or the supervisors to easily view, track and receive notifications for quick actions when every second counts.

Whether you are looking for a simple or a full and complete vehicle gps tracking system, our modular platform will allow only the features your require for your operation and adapts  your access based on your business needs.

  • GPS tracking devices
  • Web secured web portal access via PC, MAC
  • Mobile APP:  iOS and Android

Vehicle Products


Black OBDII type GPS Tracker


Is our popular OBD GPS unit that easily plugs into a vehicle’s Diagnostic port for simple plug-and-play installation.  

Hard-Wired IP66

Cabled GPS Vehicle Tracker device


4G LTE hard-wired GPS tracking device with inputs/outputs is suitable for monitoring various types of vehicle and assets.

Wired J1708 / J1939

Cabled Vehicle tracking device


Ideal for various fleet applications, it includes interfaces for OBDII, J1939, and J1708, as well as a wide range of sensor monitoring and output trigger capabilities.