Protect your tools and equipment from theft or loss, while tracking and monitoring your job site for safety and compliance 



Track your workers and contractors  to make sure they are safe.



Instantly find any vehicle on the lot with one simple mobile app. 



Keeping your workers safe in an high risk manufacturing or industrial environment.

Workforce Solutions


Employee Safety

Applications: Securing Lone workers, workers in risky environment, workers in confined space.

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, delivery, oil, gas & chemicals, warehouse, technicians, public works, utilities, ports, airports, law enforcement, roofing, retail, real estate, travelling executives, etc. 

Devices:  Wireless communication devices, GPS personal Trackers, Smart watches or Deviceless Personal Communication and GPS Tracking solutions.  

Main features: Personal protective equipment, Location, SOS button, 2-way voice communication, Man down alert, Chat to dispatch, battery level, geofencing, speed. 

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Protect your Assets

Applications: Securing heavy equipment, trailers, containers, generators, road panels, tools, recreational vehicles, boats.

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, delivery, warehouse, technicians, transportation, public works, utilities, ports, airports, etc. 

Devices: Hard-wired or Stand-alone rechargeable trackers.

Main features: GPS tracking solutions, Location, motion detection, geofencing, battery level, tracks, speed,  maintenance reports, history, reports etc. 

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vehicle tracking


Fleet Monitoring

Applications: Securing car, vans, SUV’s, cube vans, highway trucks.

Sectors: Deliveries, technicians, sales reps, transportation, construction, public works, utilities, ports, airports, etc. 

Device types:  Hard-Wired and/or OBD Plug & Play  devices.

Main features: Fleet management,  Location, geofencing, tracks, speed, history, maintenance, reports.  

ELD Module:  ELD, HOS, DVIR,  Fleet management, Vehicle inspection and CTPAT inspection

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Web platform


One single platform, total control

Web Management Portal

Our solution is self-contained, so there are no servers to buy or computer experts to manage. Our enterprise system is designed to scale for use across multiple sites and hundreds of thousands of units. Configurable dashboards allow real-time asset-tracking from anywhere using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The notification system enables you to create customizable text or email alerts, so you’ll always be in the know.  

We offer different portal service solutions depending on your organisation requirements or compliance needs.

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More than just a viewing portal

LaXpro Optional Modules



Modular fleet management solution provides flexible addition of differents services such as:

  • Driving Log Book
  • LaxsonGPS HoS ELD
  • Dashboard chat
  • Sensor Dashboard

LaXpro Mobile App



LaXpro mobile APP allows fleet management on the go, with unit list, tracks history and providing immediate insight into activity of assets in a real-time mode.

Handy navigation and user-friendly interface make it easy to navigate multiple functions of LaXpro Mobile.


  • Units information and status
  • Event data on trips, parkings, fillings
  • Event based push notification
  • Multiple map display

Web Based Solution


Cloud LaXpro Software as a service provides a secured, easy and affordable Web access. 

Local server options


LaXpro Local is a server based version of LaXpro satellite vehicle tracking system so that raw data can remain on your own servers.  

online web monitoring

An overview of our LaXpro web software

Iot & M2M solutions


Laxson IoT Services

-IoT M2M DATA Plans and SIM Cards

-Robust wireless data equipment

Rugged TABLET IP67

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