Track your assets

3 Construction pavement trucks

Protect your Assets

Applications: Securing heavy equipment, trailers, containers, generators, road panels, tools, recreational vehicles, boats.

Sectors: Construction, manufacturing, mining, delivery, warehouse, technicians, transportation, public works, utilities, ports, airports, etc. 

Devices: Hard-wired or Stand-alone rechargeable trackers.

Main features: GPS tracking solutions, Location, motion detection, geofence zone, battery level, tracks, speed,  maintenance reports, history, reports etc. 

asset gps products

NB-IoT Stand Alone Battery Operated



 Designed as a full stack solution powered by the sun. 

  • Daily location
  • Temperature & humidity reading in transit
  • Light detection
  • Low power consumption
  • Long battery life up to 20 years 
  • NB-IoT Technology

Stand Alone rechargeable



 High end standalone asset tracker. 

A rechargeable powered unit and designed to monitor and locate mobile assets. 

  • Ruggedized for harsh environment
  • IP67 rating
  • Easy rechargeable plug
  • Cellular Technology

Satellite Stand Alone GPS Tracker


LAX-SAT1  ™ 

The LAX-SAT1 utilizes  Satellite based product line. This device provides excellent remote monitoring and tracking capabilities.  

  • AA Battery operated
  • Also cabled powered
  • Input connector
  • Satellite Communication Technology

Solar asset GPS products

NB-IoT Solar GPS Tracker



Solar powered, LAX-MIAMI can be quickly deployed year round. 

  • Temperature & humidity monitoring
  • Long battery life (up to 20 years with solar power)
  • Ultra-low power platform
  • NB-IoT Technology

Solar Satellite GPS Tracker

GPS Satellite based Asset device


The SAT SOLAR Solar powered, it will provide excellent remote area coverage (without cellular communication available)  for monitoring and tracking capabilities.

  • Also can be powered with cable plug
  • Inputs connector also available
  • Satellite communication technology


laxpro™ WEB & MOBILE

LaXpro logo

One single platform, total knowledge

LaXpro ™  web management software integrates multiple types of asset devices on one single platform. This enables the managers, the guards or the supervisors to easily view, track and receive notifications for quick actions when every second counts.

Whether you are looking for a simple or a full and complete management portal, our modular platform will allow only the features your require for your operation and adapts  your access based on your business needs.

- Web Access via PC, MAC

- Mobile APP:  iOS and Android