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April 28th: Global day for security and health at work

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Accidents at work have important consequences not only for the workers but also for those around them. They affect parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers and employers. This Friday, let us think of those who have left us but also those whom we can save in the future!

On Friday, 28 April, as every year since 1996, workers, employers, governments and ministries of health and safety, all over the world, in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO), celebrate around the world With the common objective of promoting the “culture of security”. In Quebec, since 2010, it is the International Day of Commemoration of Dead and Injured Workers.

The statistics are frightening: In Quebec alone, more than 200 people are injured each day. Every year more than 60 people die from occupational accidents and more than 125 die from occupational diseases. The majority of these deaths could have been avoided. Causes are often related to neglect, bad equipment or late intervention.
At LaxsonGPS, we are raising our hats to those who are involved and are proud to work with the occupational health and safety teams to provide protection, localization and communication solutions to employees and managers so that everyone can return healthy And safe at home every night.
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AndreyApril 28th: Global day for security and health at work

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