Lone Worker safety solutions

  • Real-time alerts,
  • Distress worker, 
  • Automatic fall, shock and no motion detection

Lone worker safety products and solutions

Lone Worker Devices

  • Quickly triggers a 2-way voice call 
  • Shock & Fall detection alert
  • Improve manpower productivity

Globii® APP

Worker safety monitoring

  • Convert mobile to GPS Tracking device
  • QR Code check
  • Send event photos
  • Send SOS call

Lone worker monitoring services

Worker safety monitoring

  • 24/7 Event management
  • Two-way cellular voice call
  • Dashboard pop up alerts action

Cellular Signal Boosters

Professional Cellular Booster signal amplifiers in buildings

  • Increase Cellular reception   
  • Improve cell coverage remote area for Worker safety monitoring

GPS Tracking Solutions

Professional GPS Tracking Solutions

  • Location of your fleet and assets
  • See all your assets from one single dashboard