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Health & Safety

Lone worker man down alert device (LWAT) 

Vehicle GPS Tracking

GPS Location & management of  your fleet

GPS Asset Location

Locate & Manage your Assets

GPS Tracking App

Globii ® APP turns a smartphone into a GPS tracker & SOS button 

Humanitarian Workers  Monitoring


Laxson GPS


Touch-Free Body Temperature Sensor

Touch-Free Body Temperature Sensor

Touch-Free Body Temperature Sensor


Intelligent touch-free infrared body temperature screener

Simplified solution:  for Airport, Hospitals, Border etc. 

Social Distancing Bracelets

Touch-Free Body Temperature Sensor

Touch-Free Body Temperature Sensor


 Distancing Alert Bracelets

Any N individuals within M individuals approach vibration (M> = N) 

No APP, no Gateway, no GPS Location!

Laxson's Solutions

Pictute of 5 workers with arms crossed, wering hard hats and feeling safe

Workforce Safety

Our wearable Lone Workers Safety, Man Down Alert Devices (LWAT) enables the managers / supervisors to communicate live with your workers, locate them in real-time and react when it’s needed and provide best workplace safety.

Photo of two heavy equipement side-by-side on a work field

Equipment & Assets

You leave equipment unattended in a yard,  in a field or at a construction site for a long period of time?

With our standalone GPS devices, you will be notified when your equipment is moving,  alerted if it leaves a zone and be able to track it in real time. 

Worker getting back safe to his pickup at sundown

Fleet Management

Securing and monitoring your fleet increases your awareness and productivity. Our solution will help your dispatchers / managers to locate your vehicles and provide many notifications and reports from anywhere and anytime. 



OIL AND GAS Workers safety

OIL AND GAS Workers safety

Picture of cement equipment on a construction worksite

Protect your tools and equipment from theft or loss, while tracking and monitoring your job site for safety and compliance 

OIL AND GAS Workers safety

OIL AND GAS Workers safety

OIL AND GAS Workers safety

Picture of a worker on a petrolium platform

Track your workers and contractors  to make sure they are safe.


OIL AND GAS Workers safety


Photo of a worker cutting steel rods

Keeping a safe workplace in an high risk environment, simple tools can improve workers safety and comply to occupational safety regulations.

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